veTAPIO - Tapio Finance's governance token

$veTAPIO represents locked $TAPIO

$TAPIO can be locked for increasing periods of time to acquire more $veTAPIO, up to a maximum of 4 years - for example:

  • 100 $TAPIO locked for 1 year will become 25 $veTAPIO

  • 100 $TAPIO locked for 4 years will become 100 $veTAPIO

The longer the vesting time, the higher the voting power (voting weight) and rewards the $veTAPIO holder receives.

This $veTAPIO can then be used in various ways:

  • Vote on proposals for protocol governance

  • Stake to boost tapETH yield in the form of $TAPIO

  • Vote to allocate $TAPIO incentives for DeFi protocols

Unlike typical Curve-type emission models, rather than specifically incentivising the TVL of Tapio Finance itself, we instead prioritize incentives for downstream DeFi applications. How this manifests within governance is that users are able to vote or "bribe" specific gauges that represent $tapETH deposits within certain protocols.

For example, if we have Protocol A, Protocol B, and Protocol C - using veTAPIO, holders could vote that 50% of TAPIO emissions are allocated to Protocol A, with the remaining 50% allocated between the remaining 2 gauges, as well as Tapio's treasury. As such, if the emission schedule for $TAPIO was 100 tokens per block, 50 $TAPIO would be distributed to tapETH deposits within Protocol A (with the remaining distributed accordingly) meaning the APR/rewards would then be boosted by the included $TAPIO emissions.

Our mission is to not only augment ETH's position as the most productive asset within crypto - but we also want to contribute and nurture an LST ecosystem through the use of meaningful incentivization, rather than prioritizing our own success and TVL.

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