DeFi Integrations

While tapETH will of course be integrated into as many protocols and ecosystems as possible, the underlying pools themselves also are able to be integrated accordingly with varying degrees of revenue sharing for applications:

  • Offering frontend low-slippage swaps between LSTs and native ETH

  • Utilizing tapETH's pool on the backend to convert assets to and from LSTs

  • Instead of bootstrapping ETH/LST liquidity in-house, can instead use tapETH's TVL

  • LST protocols offering "instant unstake" functionality

DeFi Protocol Swaps:

Being able to swap from one LST to another LST is a very valuable feature that protocols can make use of, without having to route through various Curve/Uniswap/Balancer pools - as tapETH's swap functionality is extremely stable, and with low slippage. Furthermore, Tapio is able to incentivize protocols to route volume (both on the protocol and user level), and engage in revenue sharing accordingly.

Instant Unstake Flow:

LST protocols, especially those catering to whales and institutions specifically, can also integrate an "Instant Unstake" feature, which utilizes the tapETH pool on the backend. This is of course facilitated by our Stable Swap Engine functionality, earning fees for tapETH holders, and providing much-needed convenience for users of LST protocols.

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