TAPIO token, and how it fits into Tapio Finance

$TAPIO is Tapio Finance's native token

  • $TAPIO is the fundamental token of Tapio Finance and will be used for protocol governance, for determining such things as fees, voting on gauges to allocate incentives towards specific DeFi projects and so on

  • Continuing from this, $TAPIO will be used to incentivize usage of $tapETH within DeFi applications by directly emitting tokens towards downstream integrations. While we will most likely also incentivize our own liquidity - our contribution to the ecosystem and utility of $tapETH is a far higher priority.

  • Fees collected by the treasury will be paid out to vote-lockers of $TAPIO in the form of $tapETH and $TAPIO

  • Protocols can receive allocations or revenue based on their interactions (such as contributing TVL or routing swaps through Tapio's pools) in $TAPIO

$TAPIO can also be locked to acquire $veTAPIO which has various uses as showcased in the following page:


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